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Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc.

719 Manada Bottom Road

Harrisburg, PA 17112

(717) 469-1717

New website: www.ddtc.info

“We strive to train owners to train their dogs.”

Problems with the Site? Please contact  ddtcwebster@gmail.com.

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Be sure to keep your membership email address updated with

Su McKee at cs4ddtc@gmail.com.

The Barker is posted monthly at www.ddtc.info under the "Members Only" link on/abount the first week of each month. Mark your calendar to look for The Barker. Stay informed! Go Green! Please do not request a hardcopy if you have access to the Internet. The Barker is available in pdf format.

 Jen Tetkoskie is our Barker editor. Do you want to see your brags, stories, etc. posted in YOUR newsletter?  If so, YOU need to submit them to Jen.

Weekly housekeeping/cleaning of the building is done on Wednesdays between Noon-5:00 pm. The building is closed during these hours.


Trophy donations are currently being accepted for 2018  Obedience And Rally Trials.  If you would like to donate, please see the attached donation form, CLICK HERE.  And, as always, Thank You for your generous donations.

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