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Rev. 0217

Vaccinations Required for Training

A certificate of vaccination is required for training at Dauphin Dog Training Club.  This requirement applies to dogs registered for a class or to visitors at the Club. All dogs over 3 months of age shall be vaccinated against rabies under Pa. State Law. The following core vaccines are also necessary, DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvo and parainfluenza) or DHLPP (includes Leptospirosis), or as recommended by your veterinarian.



All equipment is the sole property of Dauphin Dog Training Club, Inc. and may not be removed from the premises.  Failure to follow this policy is considered theft and may result in suspension of membership and possible legal action.


Crating Policy

The Club has purchased crates for the Crating area for our members use..  Locking of any crate for your exclusive use is not permitted.  This policy is currently being updated.


Training Classes

Instructors and Board members shall get preference on the first class they sign up for,  based on their entry forms being received by the Registrar on the 1st day the class opens, as advertised on the Class Page of the website. 

Rev. 0912

Aggressive Dog Policy


    Any dog that shows open aggression towards another dog or person will not be accepted into any Agility, Obedience Class, Show & Go, or any other Activity held by DDTC.

    Aggressive behavior is described as:

    1. Attacking another dog with the intent to harm

    2. Biting or attempting to bite any person, whether it be an instructor or other person at any DDTC function

    3. Snarling, growling, posturing

    4. Lunging with intent to bite

    5. Similar anti-social behavior where the dog does not respond to the handler’s efforts to control the dog or situation

    This type of behavior cannot be tolerated in a class setting at any level. It is not fair to other students or exhibitors to have to worry about the dog next to him attacking his own dog. It is also a liability to DDTC to have dogs with this type of behavior at any DDTC function.

    Any and all aggressive behavior is to be reported to the Directors of Obedience and Agility by the Instructor(s) or person(s) in charge of any and all DDTC functions.

    Any dog exhibiting this type of behavior in any class setting can be referred to an outside trainer who specializes is this type of behavior.

    Re-entry Policy – after a dog has been referred to an outside trainer and has completed that consultation, the outside trainer and the Training Director will confer and determine appropriate placement.

    Instructors: Please be aware of this policy and keep a copy of this policy in your files.